Patrizio Paoletti Association in Israel

The Patrizio Paoletti Association for Communication and Development in Israel has been created in 2005 as an independent branch of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation.

Seeking to implement the methodology developed by the Foundation, our Association launched the Youth of Light project for youth at risk. The Association is using the PTM methodology and the candle-making activity as the media to generate both individual and collective change amongst youth. Results have shown that our approach is successful in providing youth with new opportunities and a different point of view about themselves and their social environment.
Our difference is that instead of creating isolated projects, we seek to partner with existing projects and local institutions in order to reinforce the local capacities in charge of addressing issues related to youth. Instead of competition and overlapping, we are committed to the principles of partnership and cooperation.

Why Candles?


The candles are a metaphor for the educational process both at the individual and societal levels.

As individuals we are naturally different from one another, whether in our culture, our habits, our language or our physical appearance. Like pieces of wax, we can be in a state of density (solid), a state that perpetuates the differences amongst us and keeps us from meeting and connecting with one another. Hence, separation is created, hatred increases and violence prevails. In order for the pieces of wax to connect to one another we need the right conditions ; a common space or a container, heat and enough time to melt the wax. The common space is the meeting and the heat is the shared experience of being together. After heating the wax for a sufficient period of time, it becomes unified and turns into liquid. Now we can give it a new shape, and add colors and new scents. This is exactly the process that we aspire to for our young people to pass through, to move from a place of fear to a place of getting to know one another, a place of meeting and common creation. Like the wax, we are capable of melting and reshaping our thought.