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The Foundation works in an international context, and its guiding principles are defined by UNESCO, the World Health Organization and the European Union.

UNESCO: Education, understood as the transmission, acquisition, creation and adaptation of information, knowledge, abilities and values, is the fundamental lever of sustainable development.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: It is necessary to promote the acquisition and the reinforcement of cognitive, emotional and relational abilities, which allow people to operate with competence both on an individual and a social level (1993).

EUROPEAN UNION: The European Union has among its objectives the promotion of the well-being of its citizens, and has the aim of adapting education and training to the needs of its citizens in all phases of their lives (Lisbon 2000,) of improving their knowledge, abilities and skills on a personal, social and occupational level. (2001).

Founders:  The Patrizio Paolleti Foundation in Israel was founded in 2005 by Shulamit Assif, Moti Levi, Ran Oren and Tal Balaban-Dotan
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