Training for Schools

Trainings for Teachers and Educators

The School of Pedagogy for the Third Millennium provides for ground-breaking methodologies and practices at the benefit of parents, teachers, educators, personnel of health institutions, NGOs and enterprises.

The school of Pedagogy for the Third Millennium has the purpose of training professionals in the sector of education by exploiting the contribution of the most recent and significant neuroscientific, psychological and pedagogical research findings.
Its learning programs accompany students in a lifelong learning and life-wide education approach/view, by sharing models and tools for the development of the learning potential.
During the past seven years of activities, the School of Pedagogy for the Third Millennium has offered beyond 14.000 hours of training at the domestic and international levels.

Workshops for Students in Schools

We conduct workshops for enhancing the dialogue and communication amongst young people. The workshops combine the art of candle making with the ideas and values of the PTM ( Pedagogy of the Third Millennium) . For schools interested in this program, please contact